Update to WordPress 4.9 Crashed Website



Two days ago, I updated a client’s WordPress website that is an eCommerce site. The website’s homepage showed an old version of the website with no eCommerce and broken links to the new WordPress theme. My situation with the client is that they decided to build a new website while keeping the old website up and running. I installed a new WordPress installation in a subdirectory and built a new website and eCommerce store for the client.

The client noticed the non-HTTPS in the browser on the broken homepage. After looking on the web server, I noticed that a permanent 301 redirect Http to Https was missing. Upon further inspection, I found that after the WordPress 4.9 update that the .htaccess file subdirectory was missing. I also looked at the index.php file and the subdirectory path was missing.

Now after correcting the two-subdirectory paths, I copied the index.php file from the subdirectory to the root directory and did the same for the .htaccess. I reentered the permanent 301 redirect HTTP to HTTPS and the website is now back up and running.

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