Robert Ikonen


By Robert A. Ikonen

The sun, the burning orb, don’t go down.
We, the earth, go up!

Sun, down under the earths curve.
Darkness appears again.
Lack of light, night its called.
When did it all begin?

Day and night, Ying and Yang, mankind’s eternal quest.
Shadows lengthen, night-birds call.Red clouds brighten West.

Blackness turns our thoughts, inside.
Uneasy, we can not see,
The reality that once was ours,
will this, forever be?

Time goes by, a drop in space.
We continue to move.
A circle has no end.
Again, this will prove.

East gets light, a spreading burn,
warmth drives out the cold.
Face the sun, feel the life,
emotions, longings old!

A special turn, twice a year,
Light, dark, equals be!
A balance fine, a footnote,
in earths history.

Make our lives, strive to match,
this physical feat.
Answers, t0 life’s questions?
Let truth and justice meet.

Equal parts make a whole,
water seeks its level.
True balance is our goal,
Life’s mysteries to unravel.