Casting Vets Recover One Step At A Time

Casting Vets

Casting Vets Honoring All Veterans

Casting Vets is a fishing recreational program to help all veterans to recover one step at a time. Casting Vets was started by Julius Maurice Johnson to improve the quality of life for all veterans. The combination of mental relaxation and easy form of exercise could also help those who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder.

Recovery is a complicated task. It is a task that takes dedication, perseverance and the support of others. In Julius own recovery, he found a peaceful place. A place in his mind that is receptive to both sobriety and recovery. The pathway to this place is illuminated by his love for fishing.

This illumination is now his passion to help others achieve Sobriety one step at a time, and a better Quality of Life. One Cast at a Time.

Casting VetsWatch for a complete article on Casting Vet coming out soon by the Fall River Herald Link to Article .
If you would like to help Casting Vets donation can be made to:

Casting Vets
c/o Julius Johnson
201 S. River St, Apt# 301
Hot Springs, SD 57747
Phone: 605-891-0308

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