Football in America Today

If you kneel “take a hike” your fired!

Football in America is like Apple Pie and Grandma, its history, its pride; it’s not a place for highly paid athletes to act like “politics are us” babies. We see that these players have an extreme lack of respect and immaturity. They do not deserve to be allowed on our TV screens or football fields. If you kneel ; take a hike you’re fired. This stands for all major professional sports teams in America.

Immediately remove NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his lack of common sense and leadership. This has nothing to do with President Trump’s patriotism and all to do with the lack of patriotism from the extreme left infectious political disease that has spread into an epidemic. It’s time to take America back, God, Guns, Guts make us free not whinny ass kneeling millionaires without any respect and dignity for the Flag.

NFL players who kneel during the national anthem