From Sea to Shining Sea



As the flag unfurls, so do we see our nation’s tumultuous history unravel in front of our eyes. The white settlers set foot in Jamestown. The Patriots fend off the Loyalists in the Battle of Bunker Hill. A silhouetted Washington rides atop Nelson. A young African boy tosses aside the Confederate flag and wraps himself in the flag of the Union. The 20th century rushes at us as we pass the Lincoln Memorial. Flashes of our men in the trenches of WWI. The invasion of Normandy. A mushroom cloud hangs over our heads, then we see an Army chopper buzzing through the jungles of Viet Nam. Heavy tanks roll into the deserts of Afghanistan and we are reminded of Hot Springs’ eternal dedication to serving our nation’s veterans.

Artist: Michael Tuma | Apprentice: Keegan McKye



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