Poem by Robert A Ikonen


The Power of Words, like strong arms
Begotten of Life’s inner yearnings
The Power of Thought like Old Timers Yarns
Infinite endless learnings.

A place is made in literature’s histories
On paper we commit our souls
For a shining moment we share our mysteries
for stories that must be told

You are the faces that lead me on
challenges to be good,
You are the friends that share a song
Listening as we should!

Writers all share a curse
We are not the best, not the worst
So enjoy the freedom to be you
And to your concepts show them True


Poetry Workshop
Started 9/2021 – The Poetry Workshop meets on the second Monday of each month at 1:00 PM at the Hot Springs Library. Any questions call: Ike (Robert Ikonen) at 605-891-1602
“We The Poets”

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