TwistedSage Studios Ascension Chamber

TwistedSage Studios Ascension Chamber

My experience in the new TwistedSage Studios Ascension Chamber

I mentioned to Brian that my shoulder was bothering me. I had a total replacement surgery done on my left TwistedSage Studios Ascension ChamberTwistedSage Studios Ascension Chambershoulder about 5 months ago. I am naturally a bit skeptical of new things. I spent about 30 minutes in the Ascension Chamber listening to meditative music. I felt good after getting out of the chamber.  My shoulder felt firm and tight, especially all around and under the area of my incision that was made during surgery.

I left TwistedSage Studios to go back to work, and started feeling better and better driving back. After returning to work and working on a few projects, I took a break to go for a walk. WOW what a walk. I left the office headed down Minnekahta Ave to N River St, then up the stairs (130 steps) to the Veterans Administration Complex. I walked around the VA buildings, then over to the Pioneer Museum and down the stairs behind the Museum that come out at Gus’ Best Ice Cream.

From there I walked to the stairs by the Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Dept (125 steps). When I hit the first step, I did not stop trotting up the stairs until I was approximately half way up the set of stairs. What a burst of ENERGY! I kept going on my walk going by the Hot Springs High School and down the stairs at Kidney Springs and back to my office. I was extremely energized and more focused which helped me to get more work done! Today I am still feeling energized and ready for a new day.

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